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Marathon Running

Fiona Oakes for the Animals

Promo for the short film about Fiona and her work - stay tuned to find out when you can see the whole piece :)

Posted by Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary on Sunday, December 13, 2015

For up-to-date information visit Fiona's personal website

Guinness World Record

Fastest time to complete a marathon on each continent, aggregate (female)

Click to visit the Guinness World Record's website to read about this amazing achievement.

Marathon des Sables

Leaflet Outside - Leaflet Inner

Read the report from Fiona's participation in this event.

154 miles across the Sahara in 6 days with one race stage being 50 miles

Carrying all your food & supplies

In temperatures up to 50 degrees C (approx 130 F)

Up & down sand dunes up to 600 feet high

Fiona is hoping to raise funds for the 3 causes below & if you want to donate online please use the appropriate button - for cheques see below

To donate for Facing Africa - use this button - read about their work HERE
To donate to the Vegan Society use this button - go to their site HERE
To donate for Fiona's rescued animals - use this button  - see more HERE

If you prefer to donate to Facing Africa or the Vegan Society direct, please visit the respective websites & if you do donate, please let them know it is in respect of Fiona Oakes as we have fund raising targets to meet !

Alternatively if you prefer to send a cheque to the Sanctuary & mark it for one of the other 2 Charities, we will collate the funds on their behalf & remit the totals to them in due course.

All cheques payable to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and to be sent to:

Fiona Oakes - Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ

Thank you

Yes it is as painful as it looks

Last Thursday we found that Charity who is a 43 year old thoroughbred, had gone down in the night and had been unable to get up. We found her at first light & she had clearly exhausted herself in her efforts to right herself.

We tried and tried to get her to her feet, but despite our efforts she wasn't having any of it. In fact she was in such a bad state that we called the vet thinking that her time had come. As she lay there, her tongue was hanging out & her eyes were rolling - we really thought she might pass away before the vet arrived.

At 43 Charity is very very old for a horse of this type, it is unusual for a thoroughbred to get past their mid thirties let alone be heading for their mid forties.

We let her rest & Fiona was very upset & sat with Charity after syringing some water into her mouth. After twenty minutes or so, Charity made a final effort to get up & we both push at her hind quarters as it was her back legs that were taking the strain - incredibly, she got up, but as she did so she wobbled & stepped backwards right onto Fiona's foot

As I had to go to work, Fiona's mum took her for an X ray & two of her toes are fractured & they said she needs to rest for 6 weeks...

Fiona has been doing as much as possible to keep off her bad foot but is determined to continue with the MdS

Please support her if you can ! - Thanks !!

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