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Ways of Helping Us

There are many ways that you can help our animals.

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Gladwells Feed Merchants - 01473 730246

If you are a bit unsure about sending money directly to the Sanctuary Bank Account, then you might like to consider helping by buying the animals some food direct!

I use a company called Gladwells Feed Merchants for my main feed delivery. They are based in Copdock Mill in Suffolk and provide a terrific service, delivering to me every other week.

Gladwells have provided a service whereby you can call them & make a credit card or switch payment to the value of your choice which they will place as a credit on the Sanctuary feed account. They will issue you with a receipt through the post.

This has a double whammy effect to the Sanctuary, it means that I can effectively take credit card donations without suffering the high commissions (usually around 3%) and also because I spend so much on food (over £8000 per month) I am able to buy at discounted rates not available unless you buy in bulk.

If you would like to help me in this way, Gladwells can be contacted during normal office hours (UK time) on this number: 01473 730246

Just tell them that you wish to place a credit on the account of Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, and they will do the rest.

In case of any query, please ask for Sue or Nathan in accounts, although I am sure this won't be necessary.

This method also will enable overseas web site visitors to help me as long as you have a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) - and can work out what time you need to call the UK !! (Call +44 1473 730246)

If you are able to help the Sanctuary in this or any of the other ways you have my heartfelt thanks. With 400 animals to look after all on my own 7 days a week, I am just so very tired all of the time. When someone is kind enough to help financially, it gives me a real boost to know that there are people out there who care.

You can help our animals by making a donation securely via Pay Pal.

Animal Adoption List:

You can help support us by adopting one (or more) of our wonderful animals.

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