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Help our animals through Office Green

This is a really great way to help the animals at the Sanctuary without costing you or the company you work for a penny piece ! (& it's good for the environment)

If you have a printer, or you work for a company that uses printers, (or a school etc) the chances are that when the cartridge runs out, it gets binned.

Office Green specialise in the re-cycling of these toner cartridges and for each cartridge that gets re-cycled they pay a donation to charity.

There are lots of different types of cartridges about & depending on what it is it will be worth approximately £1. Some are worth up to £3.50 !!!

If you think that this scheme might be appropriate for you, your company or school etc, please do have a word with the person in charge of the printers & see if they will be willing to sign up with Office Green

Office Green supply free of charge, large cardboard boxes to collect the empty cartridges in. When the box is full, you ring them & they come & collect, again completely free of charge !

When you sign up to the scheme with Office Green, please ask them to make sure that the donations go to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary where every single penny will go towards the feeding of the 300 rescued animals here.

It does really sound too good doesn't it, but it is 100% it really works. One company so far (as far as I know) has signed up to the scheme with the Sanctuary as the beneficiary and the first cheque has been received - £68. Staggering when you think that these cartridges were previously being thrown away.

Here are the sanctuary details:

Cheques payable to:Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. Return to: Fiona Oakes - Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary, Asheldham, Essex, CM0 7DZ

Alternatively, you can pay via bank transfer to:

A/C 58622475 - Sort Code 09-01-26

Abbey National Business Banking Operations

Thank you very much

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