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Animal Adoption Scheme

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If you would like to support Fiona, Martin and Meg's work you can do this by adopting one of the animals, we now offer for this purpose. They have been chosen, as true representatives of all who live here. For all have similar histories and very sad stories. So by selecting one or even two, you will in fact be helping over 400 once forsaken creatures, but now living in the place where the unwanted are always welcome. We guarantee that 100% of any donation will go towards the feed costs and care of that animal.

For this sanctuary, which has been running for eighteen years, is run by three people, who believe in, and act upon compassion. When animals are in dire need, they do their utmost to help. They cannot save the whole world, but they have made an enormous difference to those they have rescued both past and present. For one has to include the hundreds of animals, who received their care, before leaving this life. All of whom are remembered with affection, and all left this world, knowing that humans can be kind, considerate and caring.

The cost of all this is terrifying so help is urgently needed. If you do not wish to adopt please consider making a donation, just whatever you can afford, will be gratefully received and used exclusively for the animals.

The following animals are offered for adoption:

Adopt Winston
Winston's story began, when he was purchased as a micro piglet (as a house pet) following a media promotion. Winston's then owners became disenchanted with him and resented the 400 they had paid for him. There was only one answer: Winston had to go. Adopt Winston
Alice, once living peacefully in a field with her mother and other ewes with their offspring. Then the awful notice was placed in the field reading "Freezer Lambs available: Apply to house". Adopt Alice and learn about what happened next!
Adopt Alice
Adopt Chloe
Chloe was once a much loved and cherished pet. Then her owner died and she was unwanted by the remaining family and friends, confined to a shed and then sent to a dog compound. Chloe was too sad to attract people to adopt her. Fiona became aware of her plight, rescued her and she is now happily settled at Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary. Adopt Chloe
Adopt William
William a grey horse now 30 years old who was rejected by his owner when he could no longer jump as high as before or run as fast. William was heartbroken when she acquired a younger model. He just escaped being sold to a dealer thanks to Fiona. Adopt about William
Adopt Iona and Liz
Iona and Liz, a super pair, inseparable and both have had their share of suffering. Iona a partially blind pony and Liz, a grey mare, her self appointed guide, who never leaves Iona's side. This pair demonstrate in their daily lives the true meaning of loyalty. Adopt Iona & Liz

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