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Gym Membership

I am pleased to announce that the Tower Hill Stables Gym is now open for business!

You can apply to join for yourself, for family membership or as a gift for a friend. The cost of membership is as follows:

  • Single person - £15 per month
  • Couples - £25 per month
  • Family membership - £40 per month
  • Gold membership - £65 per month (includes free drinks at the clubhouse bar)

You will receive a gym membership certificate like this.

I know that many people at this time of year sign up with all sorts of different Gyms with the full intention of going regularly, however the usual story is that they go once, perhaps twice & then happily sit there with the membership fees debiting their account every month & they never actually go again. What a crass waste of money this is!

This is where the Tower Hill Gym scores over the conventional Gyms in two important ways. Firstly, it doesn't actually exist & secondly every penny of your membership fee goes towards helping save the lives and helping with the feeding of the rescued animals at the Sanctuary.

It's the ideal solution! - you can put you conscience at rest, secure in the knowledge that you belong to a Gym AND you can stop feeling guilty at not going because your money is not going to waste. Additionally for an added bonus of course it's probably a lot cheaper than your existing Gym!

We'll even send you an annual fitness assessment certificate showing how you have improved through the year - you can impress your friends and family !

So don't delay - cancel your existing Gym membership today & apply for a membership to the Tower Hill Stables Gym using the form below - you know it makes sense!

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